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We achieve high-quality results of work thanks to:
- high level of competence of IMData’s key specialists in the field of marketing and sociological research (since the 90s);
- methodologically rigorous research methods and techniques;
- rigid and principled approach to data quality control;
- well-coordinated work of highly motivated team at all stages of research.

Efficiency and Promptness

Given the number and qualification of our interviewers and supervisors, IMData provides prompt and efficient research of any difficulty level conducted in any settlement (both urban and rural localities) within Ukraine.
The high level of competence of our Data Processing specialists ensures high quality and quick performance of data processing and control.

Optimum Budget

Our field company does not balance the ``price-quality`` ratio by cutting costs of research procedures, but instead, by excluding an expensive analytical component, which is usually included in pricing of most research agencies in Ukraine.


Our extensive practical experience in the field of research enables us to be open and transparent at all study stages, which is actually the fundamental principle of our work. We are well aware of both strong and weak points of diverse research procedures and are always open to discussion of all possible shifts with the client. Moreover, our clients are always welcome to observe and participate in all stages of data collection and processing.


Projects in 2021


F2F interviews in 2021


Telephone interviews in 2021


СLT in 2021


Online interview in 2021


IMData uses diverse methods and technologies to collect information from all markets throughout Ukraine.
Our team works with both mainstream markets and restricted, hard-to-reach groups.

FACE TO FACE Interviews

We conduct representative social and marketing research throughout Ukraine.
Extensive experience working with nationwide samples

On-line Surveys

We have our own online panel with more than 100,000 users
We conduct express surveys, representative, tracking, longitudinal and other studies.

CLT (Central Location Test)

We test concepts, ideas, materials, products, etc
Over the years, the company has developed an effective algorithm for the testing procedure, which has proven its effectiveness on many projects.

Telephone Surveys

We conduct national surveys throughout Ukraine, surveys of business and professional environment.
Extensive experience in tracking research.

Social studies

We have extensive experience in the implementation of social research.
The team includes experienced experts in research methodology, sampling, and data processing. We also involve industry experts in projects.

Other Methods

IMData also possesses experience and all necessary resources to organize and conduct other types of research on request.


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