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IMData is an independent data collection and processing company with many years’ experience in the marketing and social research field.

The company’s service scope ranges from development of research methodology to presentation of the final data in any format required. IMData uses diverse methods and technologies to collect information from all markets throughout Ukraine. Our team works with both mainstream markets and restricted, hard-to-reach groups.

IMData’s most important value is our expert team built by the company’s leading specialists with stellar reputation in the research industry.

We work closely with 25 regional teams of experienced interviewers and supervisors/controllers.

The well-organized data collection procedure, which is constantly being improved, enables us to obtain accurate and reliable data.

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F2F Interview
Phone Interview
CLT (Central Location Test)
On-line Survey

Our Team

Anna Rudenko
Anna Rudenko Director
Nadia Piron
Nadia Piron Expert on data Monitoring & Control; Chairman of the board NGO European Research Association ERA
Iryna Krasnovska
Iryna Krasnovska Marketing Executive Director
Valeriya Zajmidoroga
Valeriya Zajmidoroga Data Processing and Analysis Manager
Dmytro Honcharov
Dmytro Honcharov Data Processing and Analysis Manager
Anna Lishtva
Anna Lishtva Quality Assurance Manager
Irina Raiz
Irina Raiz Quality Assurance Manager
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