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Consumer research

Marketing research of consumers: features and advantages

Consumer research helps to understand the principles of making purchases, the features of choice, the impact on the final decision of various incentive actions. The procedure is necessary at various stages of bringing the product to the market. When developing questionnaires, various factors are taken into account:

  • Personal ones. They include the age, gender, marital and economic status of the respondents, lifestyle, characteristics of a particular individual and the main motives of his behavior.
  • Cultural. They take into account the respondent's belonging to a certain social group, the influence of the cultural environment, education and upbringing.
  • Social. This group includes motives that are influenced by family, friendly environment, status and social roles.
  • Psychological ones. A strong influence on the behavior of a particular consumer is exerted by his personal beliefs and prejudices, habits, perceptions.

Consumer behavior research

The main purpose of the research is to obtain detailed information about the target group, its preferences, expectations, and wishes. Surveys and questionnaires allow you to study the existing product market as fully as possible, to understand what place new products can count on. In the process of processing information, it becomes clear what adjustments need to be made to production, pricing, promotion or advertising. Consumer research can be conducted several times, at different stages of the release of a product or service. Initial surveys help to find out the expectations of consumers, assess the attitude to competing products and the overall fullness of the market, determine the memorability of brands and calculate the index of the intention to purchase a product of a particular brand. After the product is released to the market, surveys allow you to understand the effectiveness of an advertising company, the recognition of the product and its fundamental difference from competitors. At this stage, you can understand the correctness of the pricing policy, determine the need for discount or other incentive programs. Separate studies are carried out during rebranding. The survey takes into account the target group of loyal consumers, as well as newcomers whose attention needs to be won. A properly conducted analysis will help with the further development of the brand, the release of related products and services.

How to conduct consumer behavior research

The choice of methodology depends on what product or service is being promoted to the market. IMData offers comprehensive programs that include desk and field versions of market research. When determining the path, the time frame, the depth of study, the volume of the target audience are taken into account. Consumer research in marketing usually includes the analysis of demand and preferences, the study of the target group, the detection of unsatisfied demand, the choice and study of the optimal way of communication with consumers. The composition of the group and the number of respondents are determined individually. It all depends on the product, the manufacturer's pricing policy and other points. Short or detailed telephone surveys, in-depth personal interviews, focus group discussions, questionnaire surveys (short or full) are used for this work. The company has its own staff of interviewers and supervisors who have received special training and are constantly improving their qualifications. Teams under the supervision of full-time specialists work not only in the capital, but also in the regions, which allows you to interview target groups from other cities or rural areas. Questionnaires and questionnaires are developed individually, taking into account the requests and needs of a particular company. Based on the results of surveys and work in focus groups, the data processing department analyzes the collected information and forms it in the form of written reports. Upon request, working materials are provided to the client, all information is recorded and carefully checked during the work. Optimization of work allows you to significantly reduce financial costs and reduce the final price for the consumer. The customer pays for a range of services, it is much cheaper than ordering each procedure separately. The company guarantees maximum transparency and reliability of research, verification is possible at any stage. This approach eliminates errors and increases the degree of consumer confidence.

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